Candy land

If you have read my blog address you’d know that most things I’d say are not true. Some are true, though. You will know if my blogs are true or not. So hi. I also have a category called Uncategorized which contains awesome photos of things.

now for a blog:

I was walking down Candy Land and I saw a cat made of cotton candy. If you are thinking I ate it, I didn’t I consumed it. Don’t think I’m cruel! It was made of cotton candy! Now back to the blog. I saw a cat, ate it, and then saw the beach. The beach was pretty and the water was pink lemonade. There were lots of animals like lollipop seaweed, fish were made of peppermint, and there were chocolate starfish. The place was beautiful and I was pulled out by a unicorn. Sure the unicorn made me dinner and gave me its autograph. Yes this is a pretty small blog post.



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